Is it legal to shoot pigeons? – BBC News Magazine

“Animal welfare activists have complained to Wimbledon organisers and the police over the culling of pigeons. Is it against the law for marksmen to take out the feral birds?”

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BBC News Magazine, 26th June 2008


1 Response to “Is it legal to shoot pigeons? – BBC News Magazine”

  1. 1 colin leader February 16, 2009 at 2:28 am

    yes it is legal, all year round.There is a small catch though.You have to have GENERAL LICENCE, which is issued by Natural England under the Wildlife and Country At 1981. You go to the site and pic which Licence applies for your needs, ie health and safty or protecing your veg etc, many reasons.
    It is iilegal to shoot any bird in the UK unless you have one of these Licences (which is free and can be downloaded from tier website) it is all legal and above board. it gos something like this. If you are a oap with a free issued diaability parking card and fail to display it you will be fined also likewise road tax is free for disability cars bu if you dont apply for the disc even though you dont pay and dive your car without the tax disc you WILL be fined. SO IF YOU FAIL TO GET THE FREE “GENERAL LICENCE” TO GET RID OF YOUR PIGEONS YOU WILL ALSO GET “NICKED”
    Hope this helps all the info is on the site..NATURAL ENGLAND.ORG.UK

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