Feasibility study to consider the possible merger of the Inner and Middle Temple Libraries – update

I have been informed that not everyone received the memorandum sent to members on 5th May 2009. This was a notice regarding the feasibility study to be undertaken jointly with Middle Temple to investigate the potential benefits of merging our two libraries and creating a state of the art education and training centre for use by both Inns.

I am grateful to those who did receive the notice and have sent their comments to me or to the Librarian, Margaret Clay. As a result of these comments, I would like to clarify the following points.

• As part of the feasibility study, we will be engaging professional consultants to
assist us.
• The consultants will carry out a user survey and consultation process with Library users and non-users alike.
• All members will be consulted at the conclusion of the Feasibility Study before any decision is taken by Bench Table.

I say this to reassure you that no decision in principle has already been taken to implement a libraries merger programme. We are investigating possibilities only, against a background of our ongoing review of all areas of the Inn’s operations.

I hope this explains the position more clearly. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish to ask questions or make comments.

Vivian Robinson QC

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