George Davis in court 40 years after robbery that sent him to jail – The Guardian

“Judges will finally decide whether ‘George Davis Is Innocent OK’ as they look again at notorious miscarriage of justice case.”

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The Guardian, 24th February 2011


1 Response to “George Davis in court 40 years after robbery that sent him to jail – The Guardian”

  1. 1 IAN CAMERON February 24, 2011 at 11:13 am

    When all is said and done about this case as someone who did loads of work on researching it as part of the Campaign – the case is really fascinating – more so than G D in a very real sense. Because the robbery and chase were very aggravated with injuries and blood traces left at several places and on discarded items and very many narratives and witness statements and then piles of ID parades and at the end of the day none of the blood traces matched the blood of any of the four men tried for this offence. Had there been no blood traces the case would have been less intriguing or fascinating. A lot of media attention doesn’t sufficiently angle the above. It is a very fascinating case.

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