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Oldham care baby mother takes battle to European courts – BBC News

“A mother from Greater Manchester who claims her baby daughter was wrongly taken into care has taken her case to the European Courts.”

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BBC news, 11th February 2011


Higher court fees risk putting councils off care proceedings – The Guardian

“Cash-strapped councils could decide to give violent or neglectful parents one more chance rather than go to court.”

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The Guardian, 28th October 2010


Mother fails to gain reunion with daughter in Northants – BBC News

“A mother has failed in a bid to be reunited with her daughter, despite the appeal court in London recognising the bond between them.”

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BBC News, 7th October 2010


In re S-B (Children) (Care Proceedings: Standard of Proof) – WLR Daily

In re S-B (Children) (Care Proceedings: Standard of Proof) [2009] UKSC 17; [2009] WLR (D) 365

“The test to be applied to the identification of a potential perpetrator, out of a pool of two or more potential perpetrators, who might have caused harm to a child was the balance of probabilities and that standard of proof did not vary according to the gravity of the misconduct alleged or the seriousness of the consequences for the persons concerned.”

WLR Daily, 15th December 2009


Please note once a case has been fully reported in one of the ICLR series the corresponding WLR Daily summary is removed.

Baby unlawfully taken from mother – BBC News

“Social workers in Nottingham failed to follow the correct legal processes in separating a baby from its teenage mother, a report has concluded.”

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BBC News, 6th April 2009


More open justice for families in the courts – The Times

“Family courts are to be opened up to public scrutiny in response to mounting criticism from parents whose children are taken into care that they are victims of ‘secret justice’.”

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The Times, 20th October 2008


R. K. and A. K. v United Kingdom – Times Law Reports

R. K. and A. K. v United Kingdom (Application No 38000/05)

European Court of Human Rights

“Although the removal of a child from parental care did not amount to a breach of article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, guaranteeing the right to respect for private and family life, there was a breach of article 13, guaranteeing an effective remedy.”

The Times, 13th October 2008


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