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MPs in youth crime warning over funding cut plan – BBC News

“Crime may rise if funding is cut for youth offending prevention projects in England and Wales, MPs have warned.”

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BBC News, 15th February 2011


Government shelves domestic violence prevention scheme – The Guardian

“A scheme to protect women from domestic abuse by removing violent partners from the family home has been shelved by the government, sparking fears that public protection is being put at risk by the coalition’s cuts programme.”

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The Guardian, 4th August 2010


Theresa May to scrap asbos – The Guardian

“Senior Labour figures mounted a last-ditch defence of antisocial behaviour orders tonight after the home secretary, Theresa May, indicated she is to kill off Tony Blair’s flagship measure to deal with youth crime.”

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The Guardian, 28th July 2010


New code of practice to close multi-million pound stolen phones loop – Home Office

“A new deal to stop an estimated 100,000 stolen mobile phones, worth around £4m, being sold to recycling companies was announced today by crime prevention minister James Brokenshire.”

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Home Office, 23rd July 2010


£4m stolen mobile loophole closed – The Independent

“Crime gangs rake in up to £4 million a year by flogging ‘recycled’ stolen mobile phones overseas.  Officials revealed crooks have been giving blocked mobile phones a second lease of life by exporting them. Police said the phones still work abroad and up to 100,000 handsets worth an average of £40 each are resold on the black market. The Government, police and mobile phone industry joined forces today to sign an agreement designed to close the loophole.”

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The Independent, 23rd July 2010


Football and domestic violence – BBC Law in Action

“At the half way stage of the World Cup, police forces across the UK are paying unsolicited visits to men with a record of domestic violence. It’s a strategy recommended by the Association of Chief Police Officers. According to ACPO, research shows that domestic violence peaks during big sporting events like the World Cup. Many police forces have therefore concluded that it makes sense to let potential perpetrators know they are being watched. As Joshua Rozenberg finds when he sees the policy in action in Nottinghamshire, police on the ground belive the policy is working. But a closer look at the evidence casts doubt on whether there really is such a link and traces the idea that there is back to an urban myth from the United States.”


BBC Law in Action, 22nd June 2010


R v Hancox and another – WLR Daily

R v Hancox and another [2010] EWCA Crim 102; [2010] WLR (D) 30

“The interference that the imposition of a serious crime prevention order would make to a defendant’s freedom of action had to be justified by the public benefit in preventing, restricting or disrupting involvement by the defendant in serious crime; it was not enough that the order might have some benefit.”

WLR Daily, 10th February 2010


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