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Public interest defence against libel proposed, but campaigners call for more radical action –

“Journalists will be able to rely on the defence that they published responsibly and in the public interest in defamation cases, according to reforms proposed by the Government. A defence of ‘honest opinion’ will replace that of ‘fair comment’.”

Full story, 16th March 2011


Libel reform: government’s proposals – The Guardian

Read the draft defamation bill and consultation in full

The Guardian, 15th March 2011


Libel law reform announced – Ministry of Justice

“New measures to support free speech, enable people to protect their reputation and help stop the use of unreasonable threats of being sued for libel were announced today.”

Full story

Ministry of Justice, 15th March 2011


Defamation Bill intended to kill off ‘libel tourism’ – The Independent

“Major changes to Britain’s antiquated defamation laws will be outlined by ministers today with the publication of a bill to provide greater protection for free speech and an end to ‘libel tourism’.”

Full story

The Independent, 15th March 2011


Joseph v Spiller – WLR Daily

Joseph v Spiller [2010] UKSC 53; [2010] WLR (D) 310

“The defence in defamation proceedings of fair comment – to be renamed ‘honest comment’ – did not require that the comment had to identify the matters on which it was based with sufficient particularity to enable readers to judge for themselves whether it was well founded. The comment did, however, have to identify at least in general terms what it was that had led the commentator to make the comment”

WLR Daily, 2nd December 2010


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New defence to murder charge comes into force – The Independent

“Men and women facing domestic violence could argue they were forced to kill their tormentor under a new murder law which comes into force today.”

Full story

The Independent, 4th October 2010


Battered women who kill to be main beneficiaries as homicide law changes – The Guardian

“Few people seem to have noticed that the law of murder in England and Wales changes on Monday. With only a few days to go, the Ministry of Justice had not published the circular it normally issues in good time to inform ‘public and stakeholders’ – in this case, killers and courts – about changes in legislation and their commencement dates.”

Full story

The Guardian, 30th September 2010


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