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Transport directory infringed Yellow Pages trade marks, court finds –

“The use of ‘yellow pages’ in the domain breached trade mark regulations, a court has ruled. A person finding the website in the UK could think it belonged to Yell, the England and Wales Patent County Court said.”

Full story, 14th April 2011


.xxx adult entertainment domain approved by internet regulators – The Guardian

“Plans to establish a new internet domain specifically for pornography are to proceed after internet regulators approved the .xxx suffix for adult entertainment sites, three years on from a decision to block the move.”

Full story

The Guardian, 19th March 2011


High Court relieves hosting firm of duty to hand domain name to Kentucky –

“The High Court has said that a UK hosting company does not have to comply with a US state court’s order demanding that it hand over a gambling company’s domain name.”

Full story, 4th November 2009



Football teams club together to win groundbreaking WIPO domain name case –

“Some of England’s biggest football clubs have become the first companies to band together to win case under the best-known arbitration system for domain name disputes.”

Full story, 19th May 2009


Retailer cites own keyword advertising as evidence of domain name owner’s abuse –

“Clothes shop Oasis has lost its bid to gain control of the domain name because any behaviour abusive of its trade marks on the site was the result of its own actions, a dispute resolution panel has ruled.”

Full story, 8th April 2009


Boarding school wins battle to stop its name being used for pornographic websites – Daily Telegraph

“Framlingham College boarding school has won a battle to stop its name being used to promote a series of internet pornography and dating websites.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 13th January 2009


Trade mark owner loses domain name claim against unauthorised reseller –

“Dealers and resellers can use a manufacturer’s trade mark as a domain name even when their sales are not authorised by the manufacturer, an arbitration panel has ruled.”

Full story, 19th November 2008


Nominet changes fail to cut primary cost of domain name dispute, says expert –

“The body in charge of the .uk internet domain has announced changes to its dispute resolution policies that will make it cheaper to win unopposed disputes but will not address the high cost of preparing cases.”

Full story, 10th July 2008


Website domain names: any suffixes could be possible after landmark vote – The Guardian

“Icann, the organisation that regulates the internet domain name system, has passed a landmark vote to relax rules limiting web addresses to ‘top-level’ suffixes, such as .com and .uk, a move that could see people and companies register almost anything they want.”

Full story

The Guardian, 26th June 2008


Lawyers attack Nominet plan for domain name disputes –

“The registry for .uk domain names has proposed a change in the way that name disputes are handled, but the proposed fast-track system faces criticism for not being radical enough.”

Full story, 19th September 2007


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