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Legal Profession Law (4): Jeremy Hopkins, Practice Manager, 3 Verulam Buildings – Charon QC

“Today I am talking to Jeremy Hopkins, a practice manager at 3 Verulam Buildings, the Chambers of Ali Malek QC – a leading and well known commercial set. Given the recent TV programme Silk (and the arguably better version of Peter Moffat’s writing, North Square – both series featuring extremely cunning clerks at the very centre of the action… I thought it would be interesting to get an inside track on this world from Jeremy…. but first……. I would like to get a view on the real world of practice managers / clerks, the state of the legal profession today and his thoughts on the changes to the legal landscape coming in the wake of the the coming into force of The Legal Services Act this autumn.”


Charon QC, 27th April 2011


“Charon QC” is the blogging pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot, editor of insitelaw newswire.

From oversubscribed to undermanned: are we facing a shortage of lawyers? – The Guardian

“Since the Law Society’s 2009 warning that the profession was oversubscribed student numbers have fallen, possibly too far.”

Full story

The Guardian, 22nd April 2011


Lawyers claim £645 million family breakdown legal aid bill – Daily Telegraph

“Legal aid lawyers are making £645 million from taxpayers over family breakdowns each year – £28 for every household in England and Wales.”

Full story

Daily Telegraph, 17th April 2011


Attorney General: keynote speech to Minority Lawyers’ Conference – Attorney General’s Office

“Opening the 2011 conference at the Law Society in London, the Attorney spoke of the coming challenges and opportunities for lawyers.”

Full speech

Attorney General’s Office, 9th April 2011


The era of the high-rolling criminal barrister is over – The Guardian

“A handful of criminal barristers still make big money, but the rest may have to diversify if they want to eat.”

Full story

The Guardian, 14th April 2011


European Commission v Italian Republic – WLR Daily

European Commission v Italian Republic (Case C-565/08); [2011] WLR (D) 118

“Mandatory national provisions obliging lawyers to comply with maximum tariffs, in all cases where there was no conditional fee agreement or no special agreement between lawyer and client, were not contrary to articles 43EC and 49EC of the EC Treaty.”

WLR Daily, 29th March 2011


Please note once a case has been fully reported in one of the ICLR series the corresponding WLR Daily summary is removed.

Lawyers in civil cases face bonus cap – The Guardian

“The government will next week announce a clampdown on ‘fat cat’ lawyers in civil cases by capping bonuses and tackling what ministers describe as the perverse position in which lawyers can be awarded a greater proportion of payouts than claimants.”

Full story

The Guardian, 25th March 2011


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