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Carer who ‘bullied’ elderly auctioneer loses battle for £2.3million share of his fortune – Daily Telegraph

“A ‘dictatorial’ carer who bullied an elderly auctioneer who sold the Duchess of Windsor’s jewellery lost a court battle for a £2.3million share of his fortune after she was condemned as a brazen liar by a judge.”

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Daily Telegraph, 20th January 2011


Conman who stole £120,000 ordered to repay £1 – Daily Telegraph

“A conman who stole more than £120,000 from customers who thought they were renting holiday villas has been ordered to repay just £1.”

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Daily Telegraph, 5th January 2011


BSkyB ruling will not transform IT procurement, says expert –

“IT companies will not have to conduct a total overhaul of their sales processes in the aftermath of a long-awaited court ruling this week, a technology law expert has said. The ruling focused on the dishonesty of one employee, not a whole company.”

Full story, 28th January 2010


Court battle after ‘garden flooded 80 times’ – The Independent

“A financier who bought a £1.9m family home on the banks of the Thames is taking the previous owners to court, claiming they failed to warn him that the garden flooded as many as 80 times a year.”

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The Independent, 27th January 2010


BSkyB wins long-running court battle over failed IT upgrade project – The Times

“BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster, won a landmark court ruling yesterday against an information technology supplier that it had accused of lying to win a £50 million tender.”

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The Times, 27th January 2010


Commercial interpretation identifies prevailing jurisdiction clause, rules Court of Appeal –

“One jurisdiction clause in one of hundreds of pages of documents cannot govern the whole agreement because no company acting in a normal commercial way would think that it would, the Court of Appeal has said.”

Full story, 30th June 2009


Council MD did not lie about health in £1m claim, says High Court –

“The managing director of a local authority did not mislead her employer when she failed to tell them that she had suffered from depression, the High Court has ruled. She will not have to repay the nearly £1 million claimed from her by the council.”

Full story, 23rd June 2009


Defeat for council that sued boss for lying about illness – The Independent

“A former council chief executive had her mental health ‘cruelly broken’ by her former employer which accused her of lying about her medical condition on her job application and pursued her through the courts, her husband said yesterday.”

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The Independent, 16th June 2009


Council loses £1m illness lawsuit – BBC News

“A council has lost its High Court case against a former managing director after claiming she withheld a history of depressive illness.”

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BBC News, 15th June 2009


Rajesh Gill, ‘7 to 7’ day trader, awarded £20m for City fraud – The Times

“One of Britain’s most successful City traders, who was fooled into thinking he was making millions when he was really suffering huge losses, has been awarded £20 million after a judge ruled that his broker defrauded him.”

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The Times, 7th May 2009


Trident Turboprop (Dublin) Ltd v First Flight Couriers Ltd – Times Law Reports

Trident Turboprop (Dublin) Ltd v First Flight Couriers Ltd

Court of Appeal

“International supply contracts which excluded liability for misrepresentation and the right to rescind were not subject to the requirement of reasonableness.”

The Times, 15th April 2009


Hammonds lawyer accused of taking ‘secret payments’ – The Times

“A consultant at law firm Hammonds advised a businessman on a $14 million company purchase while simultaneously receiving secret payments to work for the seller, a court heard today.”

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The Times, 11th March 2009


Ex-QC raises civil action against RBS – The Independent

“A former QC raised a civil case in court today against the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, accusing it of concealing the state of its finances.”

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The Independent, 18th February 2009


Cheltenham director Christine Laird sued for ‘lying about illness’ – The Times

“A local authority accused its former managing director of fraudulent behaviour and deceit yesterday, claiming that she withheld her history of depressive illness when applying for the job.”

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The Times, 28th January 2009


Regina v. Hendy-Freegard – Times Law Reports

Elements of kidnapping were not made out

Regina v. Hendy-Freegard

Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

“The offence of kidnapping was not committed by a defendant who fraudulently induced a person to make a journey which did not deprive him of his liberty.”

The Times, 30th May 2007


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R v. Hendy-Freegard – WLR Daily

R v. Hendy-Freegard [2007] EWCA Crim 1236

“The offence of kidnapping was not committed where a defendant, by a fraudulent misrepresentation, induced a person to make a journey which did not deprive him of his liberty.”

WLR Daily, 23rd May 2007


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