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Royal succession reform is being discussed, Clegg says – BBC News

“The government is consulting Commonwealth countries about changing the laws on royal succession, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said.”

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BBC News, 16th April 2011


Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts v Yemoh and others – WLR Daily

Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts v Yemoh and others [2010] WLR (D) 334

“Polygamous marriages contracted in accordance with the customary law of Ghana were recognised for the purposes of succession to real estate in England and Wales.”

WLR Daily, 16th December 2010


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Succession law changes ‘needed’ – BBC News

“A cabinet minister has called for progress to be made on ending the 300-year old legal ban on Roman Catholics succeeding to the throne.”

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BBC News, 10th December 2008


Swift royal law reforms ruled out – BBC News

“The government has said it has no immediate plans to scrap a 300-year-old law that gives males precedence in the royal line of succession.”

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BBC News, 29th April 2008


Succession and marriage laws will be left unchanged by Bill – The Times

“The Attorney-General’s office has ruled out any legislation that would give equal rights of succession to the throne to daughters of a monarch. Nor will it repeal the law that bans the heir to the throne from marrying a Roman Catholic.”

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The Times, 22nd April 2008


‘Unfair’ royal succession law may be changed – Daily Telegraph

“The law that forces the eldest daughter of a monarch to make way for her younger brother in the succession could be abolished under new equality legislation.”

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Daily Telegraph, 20th April 2008


Princess Margaret’s ‘illegitimate son’ wins appeal right – The Guardian

“A man claiming to be the illegitimate son of Princess Margaret today won the right to continue his fight to see the contents of her will.”

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The Guardian, 17th October 2007


Shirley and Others v. Crabtree – Times Law Reports

Livelihood condition for succeeding tenant

Shirley and Others v Crabtree

Queen’s Bench Division

“On an application by a nominated successor for a direction that she became the tenant of an agricultural holding, she did not have to satisfy the livelihood condition by reference to five of the seven years ending with the date of the tribunal hearing as well as by reference to the date of the retirement notice.”

The Times, 30th July 2007


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