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RT (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; SM (Zimbabwe) v Same; AM (Zimbabwe) v Same; DM (Zimbabwe) v Same – WLR daily

RT (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; SM (Zimbabwe) v Same; AM (Zimbabwe) v Same; DM (Zimbabwe) v Same [2010] EWCA Civ 1285; [2010] WLR (D) 295

“A claim for asylum would not be defeated if the tribunal found that a claimant would be willing to lie about political beliefs, or about the absence of political beliefs, but that the reason for the lie was to avoid persecution.”

WLR daily, 22nd November 2010


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Enforced returns to Zimbabwe will resume – UK Border Agency

“Following a written ministerial statement today by the Minister for Immigration, the UK Border Agency will be resuming enforced returns of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.”

Full press release

UK Border Agency, 14th October 2010


Zimbabweans who fail to gain asylum will be forced to return – The Independent

“Britain is to begin the forced return of thousands of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe in a change of policy condemned by human rights groups.”

Full story

The Independent, 15th October 2010


Labour retreats on deportation threat to Zimbabweans – The Independent

“The threat of deportation has been lifted from more than 10,000 Zimbabwean asylum-seekers while Robert Mugabe remains in power.”

Full story

The Independent, 11th July 2008


UK is sending 11,000 Mugabe refugees back – The Guardian

“Attempts by Gordon Brown to use a meeting of G8 leaders this week to campaign for tougher action against Zimbabwe are in danger of being undermined by claims that Britain is forcing as many as 11,000 Zimbabweans seeking refuge here to make a stark choice between destitution or returning home to possible torture or death. Letters obtained by The Observer show that the Home Office continues to order failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers to return home in the face of mounting violence.”

Full story

The Guardian, 6th July 2008


UK defends Zimbabwean expulsions – BBC News

“The UK government has defended its decision to resume the deportation of failed asylum-seekers to Zimbabwe.”

Full story

BBC News, 17th March 2008


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